On June 16, 2018, like last year, I co-organized as part of the AzureQC Meetup the Global DevOps Bootcamp 2018 in its second edition. What a success, again!

Screenshot of my post on LinkedIn as we were kicking off that event here in Quebec city.

Check out the story from one of the global organizers, Rene van Osnabrugge and from one of his colleague, Jesse Houwing. And learn here from Michiel van Oudheusden how they generated all the VSTS backlog/work items.

From once a month to multiple times a day, GDBC2018

The global organizers learned from last year and they did an impressive and amazing job to make possible a great experience for all the locations all around the world.

  • 8000 attendees
  • 66 challenges
  • 1050 VSTS projects
  • 6000 Azure Passes
  • 3000 VMs
  • 75 locations
  • 25+ countries

Locally in Quebec city, we had a lot of fun!

  • 46 people (with 88 registrations…)
  • 10 organizers/proctors
  • 9 teams
  • An amazing sponsor to host, feed and entertain us, iA Financial Group
  • We finished 4th in the world wide race! ;)

Screenshot of the Top 50 venues showing Quebec city at the 4th place.

Screenshot of a tweet from one of the partipant on the official and global map.

Final photo of the participants of the day.

Here are some resources to share with you to leverage:

To summarize, a great mix and collaboration for a real success from our global organizers and sponsors, through our local communities and MVPs to our super professional local sponsor (iA Financial Group) without forgetting the motivated participants!

Maybe next year we will have one of the member of the LoECDA?! ;)

Screenshot of Donovan Brown’s tweet mentioning that maybe the next year someone from his team will be in Quebec city.