Representation of DevOps as an infinite and continuous loop.

tl;dr: There is a lot of content and sessions discussed in this blog article, in case you would like to know what are the top 5 sessions I found very insightful on an App Modernization standpoint, here you are:

Furthermore if you are looking for all the announcements in one place, here you are: Next OnAir as it happens: All the announcements in one place. There is also this one pager below: Next 2020 Wrap up in one pager illustrated by

What a perfect timing! While I’m doing my onboarding as a Noogler, I have the opportunity to (e-)attend my first Google conference. Yes for sure, I’m a bit disapointed because like everyone I won’t be able to travel to San Francisco or somewhere else to attend in-person such conference during 4-5 days. But I actually feel more lucky than if I would have. In deed, without traveling I have 9 weeks of content thanks to this incredible new format of Google Next: Google Next OnAir 2020!

I’m very impressed about the quality, the unicity and the huge amount of content from this conference. Most, if not all, of the sessions are ~20 min long, very convenient. It’s very unique because it’s during 9 weeks, with for sure sessions but many different other formats to learn about GCP:

I took the opportunity to watch most of the App Modernization sessions, here below are the links and few notes I captured:

Application Modernization

GKE and Anthos



2020 is a very weird year for sure because of the covid-19 situation, I feel very priviledged to work in IT and very grateful and proud to work for a company like Google, providing such amazing new way to learn and (e-)attend and consume conference. This blog article is mostly focused on the App Modernization area, but like discussed at the beginning of this blog article, there is more with past or upcoming sessions. I hope you feel like me engergized and envisioned with all of this! ;)

Complementary resources:

Stay safe and healthy, cheers!