Confidential Computing is an hardware based memory encryption to keep data and code protected when being processed. It’s simple, easy-to-use deployment that doesn’t compromise on performance:

You could now leverage Confidential Computing with GKE, recently announced in Beta:

So typically, here is the command to create your GKE cluster with Confidential Computing enabled:

gcloud beta container clusters create \
  --release-channel=rapid \
  --machine-type=n2d-standard-2 \

And that’s it, in addition to data encrypted at rest and in-transit, you now have data encrypted while being processed on your Confidential GKE Nodes! Shielded GKE Nodes feature is also leveraged by default to offer protection against rootkit and bootkits, helping to ensure the integrity of the operating system you run on your Confidential GKE Nodes. It provides an even deeper and multi-layer defense-in-depth protection against data exfiltration attacks.

Furthermore, you don’t need to do anything in your apps, you just need to deploy them as-is on your GKE cluster. But optionally, you could use the nodeSelector true to ensure your sensitive workloads can only be scheduled on Confidential GKE Nodes.

Further and complementary resources:

Hope you enjoyed that one, stay safe, cheers!